Subject to change (as always) but here’s where we’re headed :

Session 1 (1st Oct)

Orientation: How2, introductions, set-up (toolkit), What is Feedback? How will we be assessed?
Seminar :  Why Phonar? (Jonathan Worth)
Technical Workshop: Audio capture on location – the following link is to Dave Clark‘s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain”
From the archive: Sebastian Meyer talks to Phonar about his project “War Sounds

Task: ‘Sensory deprivation mash-up’
Preparation for next session: Please read this piece on Privacy and blog your thoughts hashtags #Phonar #CCourses

Session 2 (8th Oct)

Guest Lecture: Fred Ritchin After Photography
>Photoshop interview referred to in piece
Seminar: “Who are the new readers?”
From the Archive: Robbie Cooper “Breathing through your ears: Beyond Immersion

Task: ‘Unphotographable Phiction (sic)’
Preparation for next session: Tim Hetherington’s Diary and Restrepo

Session 3 (15th Oct)

Seminar: New Media New Journalism : visual journalist vs photographer (Ritchin,Mayes, Worth)
Guest Feature: Stephen Mayes on the Tim Hetherington.
Technical Workshop : Audio for narration and post-production – the following link is to Dave Clark’s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain
From the Archive : DuckRabbit’s Benjamin Chesterton.

Task: ‘Spoken narrative’
Preparation for next session: Listen to Nursery nurse Lisa Potts’ recounting a machete  attack on the children under her care in 1996.

Session 4 (22nd Oct)

Seminar: David Campbell “”Narrative Power and Responsibility”
Guest Feature:Carole Naggar on George Rodger (Campbell, Naggar, Kate Green)
Technical Workshop :  (thematic tool kit – see seminar)
From the Archive: Phonar collaborators Pete Brook and Stephen Mayes in conversation for Wired.

Task: ‘Transformative storytelling’ or #BTF ‘Reframing the Past’
Preparation for next session: BBC Lebanon’s Missing by Dalia Khamissy

Session 5 (29th Oct)

Seminar : Case studies, Wasma Mansour and Dalia Khamissey
Guest Feature: Aaron Guy
Technical Workshops: Open Surgery
From the Archive: NY Photographer and Film-maker Brian Palmer in conversation

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF ‘Reframing the Present
Preparation for next session: Niall McDermaid and Jason Tilly

Session 6 (5th Nov)

Seminar: #PhonarOnTheRadar Jason Tilly and Niall McDermaid live at the Herbert Museum.
Guest Features: Shahidul Alam and Sarah Davidmann
Technical Workshops: Audio for narration and post-production – the following link is to Dave Clark’s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain
From the Archive: Travis Shaffer “We are all thieves

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF ‘Framing the Future
Preparation for next session: Read up on Marcus Bleasdale

Session 7 (12th Nov)

Guest feature: Marcus Bleasdale
Seminar: Discussion and reviews of work so far.
Workshop : Marcus’s task
One on one tutorials
Technical Workshop: Foley Sound and Radio Studio

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #ForTheRemix
Preparation for next session: TBA

Session 8 (19th Nov)

Guest Feature: Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald
Guest Feature: Multi Media Director Matt Ford in conversation from Istanbul
In conversation with Pete Brook of Wired and Prison Photography.
Open forum and discussion.
Feedback: Tutorials with JW.

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF “Reflection”
Preparation for next session: The Phonar Pitch

Session 9 (26th Nov)

Production – no live session on Wednesday – Matt Johnston on hand for support on Thursday 27th

Session 10 (3rd Dec)

D-day, the big cahuna, lift off, le grande depart, show and tell.

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