A Phonar 14 taster …. for your ears.

“Stars do not just shine any old light; the spectrum of light frequencies they emit depends on the kind of stars they are, and the kind of elements they contain.”

Dr. Paul Stevenson, Physics dept. University of surrey

The wavelengths of light from many of the stars can be discovered. We also know the speed of light. From these two facts, we can know their frequencies, and frequencies are musical notes. What an incredible thing, to be able to ‘hear’ the sounds of our universe. – Jill Jarman


“Soundwaves of Light” 2006 by Jill Jarman




#Phonar Prep-task

#Phonar 14 is almost upon us and it’s already looking like a behemoth, but before she hoves into view you’ll be needing to tune your sensory matter and tweak your powers of reflective genius to fulfil the session one pre-requisite.

Please tell the story of your journey to school (college/Uni/work) and share it in time for 1st Oct,

either in person if you’re attending onsite or online using the #Phonar hashtag.

There we are. No big deal. Phonar14 out of the blocks and running.







Coming soon #Phonar14



“Photography for your Ears” Oct 1st


Why Phonar? Lecture 1

This first lecture asks “Why Phonar?” and sets out the rational for the rest of the course. Please tweet your notes using the #phonar hashtag and if you Storify your own set of global-notes (by searching twitter) then please do put a link to it in the comments below.

(if the embed isn’t working follow this link to Archive.org )

This first session is quite dense with a lot of stuff in there so if you didn’t follow along , don’t worry because neither did half the class (they only pretended to because they knew you were listening). We can make opportunities for group discussions in Google Hangout if you’d like – we’ll post times on twitter.


Here are some more resources and reading bits as well as links to projects referred to in the lecture:









Here’s a blog to follow:



About Phonar 2014

Intro to the class:

#phonar (Photography and Narrative) is a BA Hons third year undergraduate class devised and run by Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston at Coventry University. #Phonar14 see’s us collaborating with the Cellist @laura_ritchie’s class and US high school teacher David @prestonlearning ‘s English Literacy class.

The degree course’s core tenet is the “development of a sustainable practice”, key to which is the investigation of contemporary photographic practices and their implications for the medium as a whole.

The phrase “Trans-media” is often used to describe contemporary multi-media / multi-platform practices as well as non-linear, and vicariously dynamic narrative approaches to story telling. We will be exploring these themes and considering them in relation to what we do as photographers throughout the ten weeks of practical study. It will lead us to collaborate with other practitioners and subjects, as well as forcing us to question our notions of ownership and authorship along the way.

An essential part of this will be non-paying attendees (you) joining in with us, submitting your work, mashing up ours and other people’s, asking questions of each other and contributing answers.

For our attending degree students the class plays a crucial role sitting . . . → Read More: About Phonar 2014

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

As has become fairly standard operating procedure at this time of year #phonar enters a kind of pupa-like stasis. During this gestation period the onsite class decide how they’re going to emerge and how they’re going to transform some of the momentum they garnered during the live ten week iteration. Very exciting …

Meanwhile it’s time to hand out some tub-thumping praise to a few standout participants who really kicked all kinds of #phonar-ass in all kinds of beautiful ways. Big shout out to Suren Makkar aka #PhonarBangalore – we loved your work. Props to Julián Péter aka #PhonarBratislava and huge respect for (I think) being the first online participant and maritime student to “attend” every single session and complete every task #TopOfTheClass and a LinkedIn recommendation coming your way. A very warm slap on the shoulder to the mysterious wordsmith Mr Peter Wilson – we love your storytelling. And a special thank you to the Ms Priyanka Ghetia for inspiring us to push further, wider and younger with our open classes – we hope you get to go to the university of your choice and trust we’ll see much more of your work in the future because you #Rock.

. . . → Read More: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

In conversation with New York based Photographer and Film-Maker Brian Palmer

We’re delighted that Brian Palmer was finally able to talk about his work for #phonar – last week and the week before Brian was out pitching in to the relief effort after Super-storm Sandy hit his hometown of NYC and we were worried we were going to miss him but, we got him and what’s more we got a chance to be a part of Brian’s current project: how many people with the surname of “Hobson” do you know…..?

. . . → Read More: In conversation with New York based Photographer and Film-Maker Brian Palmer


Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

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