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Nude blacksmiths hammering, animated from Animal locomotion, Vol. II, Plate 377 by Eadweard Muybridge

How do I follow the class? #Phonar lives in a whole bunch of different spaces but we will always post updates on the phonar website asap. So whenever you want to check out what’s coming up next week, or what the latest task is, you just need to head to Other main channels for engagement are Twitter and Google+ see below:

Follow #phonar : Subscribe via RSS to the website

Twitter @phonar – Follow the class on Twitter for latest tasks and posts @jonathan_worth – Follow JW on Twitter for lots of bonus #phonar links and thoughts. Follow MJ @mjohnstonmedia on Twitter for more bonus links and photobook geekery #phonar – Follow this hashtag to tune the network to phonar fm.

Please use the #phonar hashtag to share your thoughts and links.

Google+ Jonathan Worth Matt Johnston  

How do I know what is happening each week? We have a schedule page that lists all the activities over the 11 weeks that #phonar runs. Once an activity is completed and uploaded, we will link it to the schedule so you can easily access all the material even after the class has finished.

How do I find the tasks? We have a task page which will feature the live task as well as an archive of the previous tasks, so as in the schedule, you can go back and do them at your own pace if you wish.

How do I share my work? Each task will have it’s own instructions for sharing your work so make sure you read the full task. What will always remain the same is that links to your work should be placed in the comment section of the task post.

How do I blacksmith in the nude? Very carefully.

Any more questions? – Jonathan

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Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

Follow #phonar on Twitter for the latest news, information and posts.