Final #Phonar 2014

We hope you’re looking forward to the final Phonar session of 2014 – one of our themes has been Photography For Your Ears and we have a special session planned so we can go out with a … well we’ll see 🙂



Catching up with Fred Ritchin from ICP in New York

He’s here ! Can you believe it? Here, live, in the room, Fred Ritchin’s in the house, with us, now, in person, by Skype, virtually … from New York. Yesterday.

Prep for this week’s Phonar from Matt

Sitting in on last week’s #phonar session was pretty awesome and brought up a lot of questions that I hope to explore a little further in my short hijacking of the class this Wednesday. In order that we can hit the ground running there are a few very small pre-tasks for the session.

Consider Roland Barthes musings on the power of the still image…

“Do I add to the images in movies? I don’t think so; I don’t have time: in front of the screen, I am not free to shut my eyes; otherwise, opening them again, I would not discover the same image; I am constrained to a continuos voracity….” – Barthes, R (Camera Lucida) 1980

Watch Robbie Cooper’s ‘Immersion’ guest lecture…

Spend some time ‘reading’ Pine Point…

Bring some questions to class with that fall under the theme of immersion, I will be keen to dissect the following:

How does the act of reading change when we navigate non-linear works? Are traditionally powerful images a hinderance in photo films? How can we create an immersive experience with less control over viewing environment and platform?

Then, depending on how . . . → Read More: Prep for this week’s Phonar from Matt

#Phonar Prep-task

#Phonar 14 is almost upon us and it’s already looking like a behemoth, but before she hoves into view you’ll be needing to tune your sensory matter and tweak your powers of reflective genius to fulfil the session one pre-requisite.

Please tell the story of your journey to school (college/Uni/work) and share it in time for 1st Oct,

either in person if you’re attending onsite or online using the #Phonar hashtag.

There we are. No big deal. Phonar14 out of the blocks and running.







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