Photography for your Ears in the final Phonar.

It’s the last week, I’m gonna’ say that again, it’s the last week and Oh My Goodness we [as a group] are still struggling with the whole share and share alike business. Which is not a great situation heading into a third year ‘exit-strategy’ (formally known as a group degree show).

Cue the learning-ninja that is Laura Ritchie and her “have truck full-o-cello’s will travel” mentality. In case you’re coming to this late, Laura is the concert cellist for whom the composer Jill Jarman composed the piece for cello: “Resonance”, and the visualisation of which was one of the themes for this year’s phonar. Anyway, she blows up and hooks in her man in Honolulu Duane Padilla by skype to tell him we’re going to do his demo ( see the video below ), right now, from scratch with no prior musical experience – as one team.

  “we’re going to have to learn to work, learn, fail and share together , fast if we’re going to do this…”



Cue Laura….. :

Kate Green BY-NC-SA

But this isn’t the whole story ….

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