#BTF Creative Task: Framing For The Future

Session 6 Alternative #BTF task – Framing For The Future

This is the third and penultimate of our alternative tasks which have be set by Professor and Author of Bending The Frame, Fred Ritchin. If you missed Fred’s talks then you’ll want to go back to the lectures from the start of the class – they’re well worth it. This iteration of Phonar has been re-written to draw on Fred’s Bending the Frame so if you do these tasks then please use both of the #phonar and #BTF hashtags.


“Framing for the Future”
Make a series of images covering different events / locations / environments over a week for which you record all possible factual data alongside (names/dates/location/weather etc, keep the data clinical – facts only).
At the same time make a separate sets of notes on how you felt personally when making the images (your mood, physical state of being etc), use Chapter 1 of Bending the Frame for inspiration.

Additional: Share the images with other people, once with the facts and once with the your feelings and ask people to describe how this information changes their experience of the work. Reflect and blog your thoughts on their responses.

Combine the two into one final

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