A Post-Photographic Portrait

“A Post-Photographic Portrait”

The culmination of this module will be the production of a “post-photographic portrait” of Jill Jarman‘s piece for Cello performed by Laura Ritchie, any problems with the embed below please go directly to Archive.org

Your decisions throughout  this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series. This process should be evidenced explicitly and succinctly on your blog as well  ( a 500 word reflective summary would do the trick).

Boom ! Easy-peasy.


Julián Péter @JuloPeter
@Jonathan_Worth Hi! Bit confused on the latest task. Do we create a “new” post-photographic portrait, or do we transform our previous work?

JW >> Here’s a slightly longer answer than the 140 characters twitter allows: Perhaps see the task as a license (should one be needed) to “break out of the frame”. To break out of stills, to use sound, explore multi-point perspective and grapple with non-linear narratives. It’s the chance to make a bigger and more ambitious project than the weekly tasks and now that you’ve established a weekly turnaround of work you should find it easier to build something substantial. Revisit the lectures and interviews, look over your task outputs and then think of something you feel passionate about (love or hate) and craft us a narrative.


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