Session 2 – where we’re at

We’re trying a bunch of new stuff this #Phonar and it could be really super great – the best iteration yet, or it could go crashing of the rails. Right now we’re white knuckling … and its only week 2 (!).


Session 1 we talked over what “Feedback” is . In lots of ways this was an institutional conversation but here’s the takeaway for you – like Valentine’s and Christmas cards, if you don’t send any out then don’t go moaning when you don’t get any back.

Get out there and feedback to people.

Then moan.

We also talked about the sub-narratives that are running in this iteration – there are lots. We have the usual trans-media, non-linear narrative stuff, the official learning outcomes (Uni) stuff and then we have the “Photography for your Ears” which is yet to be fully revealed, we have privacy stuff which is a mind-melt and we also have the Post Photography (or Pre-Enlightenment) stuff from Fred Ritchin.

And we think that’s enough for one class.

..oh, and we’re also collaborating with @PrestonLearning‘s High School English Lit class in California, Jane Flannagan’s High School photography class in Coventry and Bill Cotter‘s highschool class in Lima, Peru.

This week we looked over everyone’s Alienated Sensory Mash-ups (just love Emma’s take on it – below) then listened to this interview with Fred Ritchin and tweeted our notes – please tweet your own and share your storifies (session notes below).

Between now and next week we’re getting all “Unphotographable” so if you want to come along for the ride (please do) then head on over to the Tasks page where you’ll get your intstructions.
Lets go to work….




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Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

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