Prep for this week’s Phonar from Matt

Johnston_MSitting in on last week’s #phonar session was pretty awesome and brought up a lot of questions that I hope to explore a little further in my short hijacking of the class this Wednesday. In order that we can hit the ground running there are a few very small pre-tasks for the session.

Consider Roland Barthes musings on the power of the still image…

Do I add to the images in movies? I don’t think so; I don’t have time: in front of the screen, I am not free to shut my eyes; otherwise, opening them again, I would not discover the same image; I am constrained to a continuos voracity….” – Barthes, R (Camera Lucida) 1980

Watch Robbie Cooper’s ‘Immersion’ guest lecture…

Spend some time ‘reading’ Pine Point…

Bring some questions to class with that fall under the theme of immersion, I will be keen to dissect the following:

  • How does the act of reading change when we navigate non-linear works?
  • Are traditionally powerful images a hinderance in photo films?
  • How can we create an immersive experience with less control over viewing environment and platform?

Then, depending on how quickly JW wants to retake the wheel of a ship that may be veering off course, we will read a chapter of Joan Fontcuberta’s ‘Pandora’s Camera’ (MACK) titled ‘I Knew the Spice Girls’ which builds on last weeks lecture with Fred Ritchin and also considers synthetic images such as those in Fontcuberta’s own practise.


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