From the Archive: Guest Lecture: Robbie Cooper – ‘Immersion’

Preparation for our next session: Check out this talk from the Phonar archive  by photographer and video artist  Robbie Cooper , who well and truly immersed us in his work. The full talk Robbie had us looking through his early work right up to his latest ideas to develop and further the ‘immersion’ project by directly involving participants in the media making process.

And what is the golden nugget advice that Robbie gives ?  What is the skill we ‘post-photographic’ photographers all need ?

“Learn to code.”

You can see Robbie’s work on his website here

And you can view ‘Immersion Porn’ at the appropriate time in the talk here – (NSFW) – NB. if you cringe easily then this is not the work for you. So far, no one has managed to watch it to the end (#ChallengeAccepted?).

ps: look in the picture and you can see a camera focused on the attending students, it was recording their reactions as the watched the immersion work and when you see the interview you can see how that would be pertinent.


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  • Where’s the talk gone? Is there a link to soundcloud or vimeo? it doesn’t appear in the post.

    P.s. That NSFW video is actually really interesting with the comments that they come out with. The guy at the end talking about the age of print which is unknown to this generation of the internet, how as a 47 year old things are different for the guy at the beginning. However they all talk about the narrative, the honesty and the relation they’re after, a comparison to real life or even their own lives.

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