Creative Workshop 2: Alienated Sensory Mashup

Creative workshop task 2: Alienated senses

Working in pairs if possible name yourselves “Eyes” and “Ears”. Ears is equipped with sound recording equipment (your phone will be more than adequate) and blindfolded. Eyes will lead Ears on a guided journey through a range of different environments. Ears will dictate the pace of the journey and say when they want to stop and make dedicated “sound-mark” recordings.

If you have to work alone then perhaps consider choosing an environment in which you can remain motionless with your eyes closed for several minutes. As you do so your sense of hearing will improve and you will begin to focus in on sounds that previously you’d of missed. Now search out these sounds with your recorder and build up a sound-scape of them.

For the photography aspect investigate the same environment as a photographer, responding solely to what you see.

At the end of the journey Eyes repeats the route (wearing ear-defenders/plugs) responding to the visual stimuli.

You should end up with a landscape story and a soundscape story. This content should then be uploaded for everyone to share and mash-up. In next week’s session we’ll be combining soundscapes with image-based journeys and layering them with other people’s to make new artefacts. You must license this content as CC BY-SA or CC-BY to enable us to do all of this.

Take time to load up your content with as much information as possible such as the time, location, weather, your mood etc , all of this is information that can be dispensed with if not needed but has the potential to add value if included.

– JW

Upload your images to the FLICKR Phonar group and tag them #phonar

Upload your audio to the Soundcloud Phonar group and tag with #phonar 

Once you have uploaded your audio and images, place a link and brief description in the comments section below
You can also share in twitter via the hashtag #phonar and on the forum, but please ensure you have placed your links in the comments below.



If you don’t know another photographer or #phonar student to go out with, it would be interesting to go out with a ‘non-photographer’, a friend, parent or child, get them to be the ‘eyes’ and see how they view the world differently to you (like a fingerprint, no two people will view their surroundings in the same way).

Also consider going out at night, when there is less noise pollution and what sound there is, travels further. Everything will seem strange at first, but soon, your ears will adjust and even in your back yard you will hear new sounds.

– Matt

 Food for thought: Jim Goldberg

A body of work from a perspective that can inspire you for this task: Jim Goldberg creates powerful images on issues on sensitive issues like the journeys carried out by asylum seekers to cross borders. His approach involves a strong collaboration with people met on journeys.

In fact Goldberg’s images came to mind after yesterday’s disaster on Lampedusa island (see
However we may also ask ourselves if it is appropriate to display and sell this kind of work within commercial galleries?

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