Creative Task: Reframing the Present #BTF

Session 5 Alternative #BTF task – Re-framing The Present

This is the second of our alternative tasks which have be set by Professor and Author of Bending The Frame, Fred Ritchin. If you missed Fred’s talks then you’ll want to go back to the lectures from the start of the class – they’re well worth it. This iteration of Phonar has been re-written to draw on Fred’s Bending the Frame so if you do these tasks then please use both of the #phonar and #BTF hashtags.

Alt task: “Re-framing the Present”
Tell the story of a current news event. Use all of the available and appropriate perspectives at your disposal to make a version of the story which you feel is more accurate. It needn’t be a national news event it might be hyper local, perhaps you see a national narrative that doesn’t reflect your local/cultural reality etc

Development: Make alternative versions of differing publications/ broadcast channels, which reflect nationally and or culturally diverse perspectives.

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