Why Phonar? Lecture 1

This first lecture asks “Why Phonar?” and sets out the rational for the rest of the course. Please tweet your notes using the #phonar hashtag and if you Storify your own set of global-notes (by searching  twitter) then please do put a link to it in the comments below.

(if the embed isn’t working follow this link to Archive.org )

This first session is quite dense with a lot of stuff in there so if you didn’t follow along , don’t worry because neither did half the class (they only pretended to because they knew you were listening). We can make opportunities for group discussions in Google Hangout if you’d like – we’ll post times on twitter.


Here are some more resources and reading bits as well as links to projects referred to in the lecture:









Here’s a blog to follow:



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  • By writing, speaking, making and sharing images, video, songs – it is explained that storytelling is the way these things become powerful and world changing.
    I photographer can be stealthy, innocuous or brash and threatening. This layer between our action and the result will be reflected in the story and how easily it communicates truth or a false reality.
    I feel that for myself, i want to be free of the limitations of Genre and of a central objective … this gives more chance of being myself and being free of the constraints that unduly influence what we communicate.

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Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

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