So long, and thanks for all the fish.

As has become fairly standard operating procedure at this time of year #phonar enters a kind of pupa-like stasis. During this gestation period the onsite class decide how they’re going to emerge and how they’re going to transform some of the momentum they garnered during the live ten week iteration. Very exciting …

Meanwhile it’s time to hand out some tub-thumping praise to a few standout participants who really kicked all kinds of #phonar-ass in all kinds of beautiful ways. Big shout out to Suren Makkar aka #PhonarBangalore – we loved your work. Props to Julián Péter aka #PhonarBratislava and huge respect for (I think) being the first online participant and maritime student to “attend” every single session and complete every task #TopOfTheClass and a LinkedIn recommendation coming your way. A very warm slap on the shoulder to the mysterious wordsmith Mr Peter Wilson – we love your storytelling. And a special thank you to the Ms Priyanka Ghetia for inspiring us to push further, wider and younger with our open classes – we hope you get to go to the university of your choice and trust we’ll see much more of your work in the future because you #Rock.

A whole bunch of people came to #phonar this year for the first time because Kaley Sweeney wore her fingers down to little dibbers syndicating the classes across the World Photo Org network. Kaley , we love you.

Thank you to the #phonar alumni who conceived, built and run HastagPhotography for your ongoing inspiration.Thanks to the amazing Martin Hawksey for his visualisation of the #Phonar Twittersphere, thank you to Alan Levine for flying all the way over from Strawberry, Arizona to take us to the next level and for your ongoing inspiration and end user experience advice. Likewise all Alan’s sidekicks at #DS106 and Mary Washington 🙂 Thank you to our official #Phonar Chemist (#phonarChem ) Simon “Breaking Bad” Lancaster and his much appreciated support.

Here’s a corner of the periodic table you don’t normally see #phonar

— Simon Lancaster (@S_J_Lancaster) November 11, 2013


This year’s rockstars Marcus Bleasdale , David Campbell , Cory Doctorow , Stephen Mayes , Pete Brook , Carole Nagaar , Wasma Mansour , Dalia Khamissey , Sara Davidmann , Shahidul Alam , Brian Palmer , Ian Macdonald , Jamie Macdonald , Matt Ford , Travis Schaffer , Aaron Guy and lastly “Fightin’ Fred Ritchin” the hardest working man in Photography –  for allowing us to outrageously appropriate both After Photography and Bending the Frame , for helping write the classes and tasks and for continuing to encourage and support in every way throughout.

We salute you all.

Jonathan (the man with a plan),

Chantal (the woman with more letters after her name then in it)

and Matt (who lost the phonar pubquiz Eatathon #Fact ).



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Phonar - [fo-'när] is a free and open undergraduate photography class run by Jonathan Worth

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